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Contact Be-Paws We Care, Inc.

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Our Roots

Donna DeBerardinis and Jenny Aaronson created this Non-Profit Organization in February 2014 to help cure the Parvovirus infected Puppies. They were very successful in this en devour and went on to start a Spay and Neuter program which assisted those in need. In 2019, when Donna's interests became stronger as a Caregiver for the Senior Community, she generously transferred Be-Paws We Care (BPWC) to Julie Raming and Dave Patrick so that her dream of helping animals in need would continue. We hope we are making her proud! 

Currently, BPWC raises funds so the Homeless Pets of Pickens County can get the medical care they need to prepare them for their forever Family.   In 2020, Jenny Aaronson joined BPWC and helped us implement a  Low Cost Spay and Neuter  Program called Spay/Neuter Pickens Initiative (SNIP) and Eileen Roller to implement a  Trap-Neuter-Release Program called the Pickens Community Cat Program . Both programs are an effort to help reduce the homeless and unwanted pet population within Pickens County, so fewer will end up at the county shelter.

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Hope Is Where the Heart Is.... and our Hearts are with the Homeless Pets . We Strive to give them a Second Chance at life


Be-Paws We Care, Inc. (BPWC) is an all-volunteer,  501(c)(3) non-profit organization. As an Animal Advocacy Group, we provide  support to Pickens County, GA by working with our county animal shelter to subsidize medical support for our homeless dogs and cats, networking with animal rescue groups to find permanent homes for our adoptable homeless dogs and cats, offering low cost spay and neuter assistance to our county residents’ pets and expanding our trap-neuter-return program for our feral cat communities to help reduce the unplanned, unwanted, homeless pet population.



Julie Raming, CEO/President / Volunteer
David Patrick, CFO/ Treasurer / Volunteer

Suzanne Champitto, Secretary / Volunteer


Jennifer Aaronson, Spay-Neuter Initiative in Pickens (SNIP)
Eileen Roller, Pickens Community Cat Program (PCCP)
Casey Levitt, Volunteer
Carol Aviles, Volunteer

Angie & Jay Bird, Volunteers, Transporters

Becky & John Holt, Volunteers, Transporters



  • Continue to build our relationships with other rescues to increase our network to help facilitate rehoming of our homeless pets.


  • Increase Spay-Neuter Initiative Pickens (SNIP) participants, outreach program and develop an awareness program of the benefits of SNIP.


  • Expand the Pickens Community Cat Program (PCCP) to assist those with residential  "outdoor" and feral colonies by loaning traps and providing access to low cost Spay-Neuter services .

    • Create caretaking teams for the community cat colonies.

    • Create a food bank for the caretakers of these colonies.

    • Extract the kittens to be socialized and subsequently adopted.



  • Fewer homeless and abandoned animals at our shelter

  • Spay & Neuter for all companion Animals

  • Stabilize/control the Community Cat population thru PCCP

  • Public Education and Awareness, Responsible Pet Ownership




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As an animal welfare/advocacy organization, our goal is to assist as many of our homeless pets by networking them through the PCA Shelter and rescue partners to provide them a Second Chance for a forever family. Also by increasing the number of community pets that have access to low cost spay and neuter  through SNIP as well as PCCP, our long term objective is to see a reduction of  our overall homeless and unwanted pet population.


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Adopt, Foster, Sponsor, Volunteer, Donate and Educate

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